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New Josephine Shrike Concept Art Stickers!

IMG_2303 4 Edited (3) 3.png
IMG_2303 4 Edited (3) 4.png
IMG_2303 4 Edited (3) 6.png
IMG_2303 4 Edited (3) 7.png
IMG_2303 4 Edited (3) 5.png
Untitled (1) 6.png
Untitled (1) 9.png
Untitled (1) 8.png

The Broken Identity of Josephine Shrike

Experiences and hardships of self acceptance; exploring personal identity and gender; nostalgia of loss and the promise of growth

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New Stickers Out Now!

First Ever Sticker Collection - Featuring Concept art made during the creation of the Broken Identity of Josephine Shrike

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